Basic Horoscope For Aquarius (Kumbh)

[DOB - Jan 20-Mar 18]

SYMBOL: The Water-bearer

ARCHETYPE: The Humanitarian


MODE: Fixed

HOUSE: 11th House of Friendship

RULER: Uranus, the Planet of sudden change


CHARACTERISTICS: The quirky alternative of the Zodiac, Aquarius beats to the rhythm of its own drum. They are forward-thinkers, innovators, constantly looking towards the next big thing and deeply concerned with the collective. Humanitarians at heart, they may be a bit removed at times, not in touch with their emotions- too focussed on the whole rather than the individual parts. Aquarians are intellectual, offbeat individuals- who like to be known as such! They are progressive, independent, and idealistic. They’re comfortable on the fringes of society and have a unique vision of the world.

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