Basic Horoscope For Aries (Mesha)

[DOB - Mar 21-Apr 19]

ARCHETYPE: The Warrior
MODE: Cardinal
HOUSE: 1st House of Self
RULER: Mars, The God of action, war, and passion
DUALITY: Yang/active
CHARACTERISTICS: Kicking off the start of the Astrological year, we have the bold and life path carving Aries. Like a newborn baby, Aries knows exactly what it needs and when, and is not afraid to demand it. They’re brave and fearless leaders, sure it what they want and deserve, courageously standing tall in their opinions. The first of the 6 inner-focussed Signs, Aries is concerned with the Self, not in a selfish way, but in a way that is unafraid to take up space. They are direct, passionate, and headstrong.

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