Basic Horoscope For Cancer (Karka)

[DOB - Jun 21-Jul 22]

SYMBOL: The Crab

ARCHETYPE: The Nurturer


MODE: Cardinal

HOUSE: 4th House of Home

RULER: The Moon, ruler of our emotions


CHARACTERISTICS: The homely crab is the nurturing, emotional Sign of the Zodiac. With a strong sense of family and taking care of those they love, Cancerians are highly in touch with their emotions and may be prone to moodiness. They have a warm, healing touch, caring deeply about others and desiring to show their love- especially through food if they can! Everything related to hearth and home is Cancer’s domain, from cooking to ancestry and the maternal figure. They are loyal, protective, and intuitive but may become too much creatures of comfort stuck in their routines., they may be somewhat of an entertainer but also flaky and indecisive. 

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