Basic Horoscope For Libra (Tula)

[DOB - Sep 23-Oct 22]

SYMBOL: The Scales

ARCHETYPE: The Diplomat/Lover


MODE: Cardinal

HOUSE: 7th House of Relationships

RULER: Venus, Goddess of love


CHARACTERISTICS: The first of the next 6 outer-facing Signs, Libra is very concerned with its relationship to others. Ruled by the scales and Venus, the Planet of romance, they are in a constant search for balance, peace, and harmony with others. Ever the diplomat, Libra loves to bridge the gap between people and is keen not to offend, take sides, or make an extreme decision. Happy to go along with others, Libra sees itself as part of the whole, reflected in the other, and relationships are often an important part of their life (they may never be single)! They have a strong sense of fairness and justice, and are are eager mediators. They are idealistic and imaginative, but may be indecisive and self-pitying.

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