Basic Horoscope For Pisces (Meen)

[DOB - Feb 19-Mar 20]

SYMBOL: The Fish

ARCHETYPE: The Dreamer


MODE: Mutable

HOUSE: 12th House of Shadow

RULER: Neptune, the Planet of illusion


CHARACTERISTICS: The final Sign of the Zodiac is said to encompass elements of all the Signs that came before, and is symbolic of the time in the womb before being born, the gestation period. They are deeply mystical and connected to the ethers, big dreams and in touch with their emotions and intuition, people born under Pisces are boundary-less and formless, able to seamlessly adapt to those around them, often absorbing others’ energy unknowingly. They may be prone to losing themselves or getting duped by illusions or spending too much time in the clouds and dream world. They may also be prone to escapism, whether that be substances or daydreaming, not facing situations as they are. Incredibly empathetic and generous, they are willing to give of themselves greatly but need to beware of giving too much and being impressionable. Their imagination makes them highly creative, as well as being friendly, sensitive, kind, and caring.

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