Basic Horoscope For Saggitarius (Dhanu)

[DOB - Nov 22-Dec 21]

SYMBOL: The Archer

ARCHETYPE: The Philosopher


MODE: Mutable

HOUSE: 9th House of Wisdom

RULER: Jupiter, the Planet of fortune


CHARACTERISTICS: The expansive, optimist of the Zodiac, Sagittarius loves to explore far and wide- whether that be the actual world or the realms of the psyche. They are comfortable discussing matters from philosophy and spirituality to science and the bigger themes of life. They love to learn and experience new things and form many opinions which they love to share! An intellectual but sarcastic Sign, Sagittarius is truth-seeking, even if it is at the cost of the feelings of others. This is always well-intentioned, however, and their generally positive, infectious good vibes earns them plenty of favours! Their enthusiasm and excitement may mean they are already moving on to the next big thing before finishing the first. They are spontaneous lovers of freedom and loves to converse with a wide array of people.

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