Basic Horoscope For Taurus (Vrishabh)

[DOB - Apr 20-May 20]

SYMBOL: The Bull

ARCHETYPE: The Sensualist


MODE: Fixed

HOUSE: 2nd House of Values

RULER: Venus, the Goddess of love and beauty


CHARACTERISTICS: The earthy bull is one of the most grounded Signs. It loves to indulge in earthly pleasures, being a sensualist, it enjoys all the finer things life has to offer- good food and drink, quality fabrics and objects, and luxurious experiences. That’s not to say they are extravagant, Taurus knows the true value of things, and while they are happy to pay for quality, they appreciate the balance with something that will last the test of time and earn them back their investment. Astute business people, they are hard-working and determined but may be overly fixated in their way of doing things. They are slow to move but have great stamina once they get started. They are practical, pragmatic, steadfast, dedicated, dependable, and stubborn.

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