Basic Horoscope For Virgo (Kanya)

[DOB - Aug 23-Sep 22]

SYMBOL: The Maiden

ARCHETYPE: The Healer/Analyst


MODE: Mutable

HOUSE: 6th House of Work + Health

RULER: Mercury, the God of Communication


CHARACTERISTICS: The earthy analyst can be seen as the nighttime ruler of Mercury, more concerned with the critical, detail-orientated analysis and perfectionism than Gemini. They are also practical, grounded, and sensible, as well as flexible and open to change. They believe they always know best because they often do! However, this is not done in an over-bearing way, as Leo may sometimes, but in a more quietly discerning way- like the editors in the background. Their keen eye and judgement don’t miss a thing. In their meticulousness, they may become singleminded or overly judgemental but this is always in a quest to help others and improve a situation, even if their healing nature doesn’t always land well!

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